Executive Assistant

Are you a stellar Executive Assistant? Bright and quick learner? If so, we want you. You will be assisting the CEO and other executive members growing our various online brands.

If you’re looking for a regular, comfortable office assistant job, then the vacancy is not for you. What we’re about to offer suits people willing to grow within a challenging environment or, better yet, goes with people able to get out of their comfort zone and still shine.

The vacancy we’re offering is Executive Assistant, and don’t go thinking you’ll be only following your boss’s command around. Instead, you get the opportunity to land a job with unlimited growth potential, bot personally -career-wise- and financially.

Extremely talented and creative freshers are welcome to apply the salary is negotiable depending on their current position, creativity, skills, and experience.

Don’t go and be shy about it, freshman, ask for what you think you deserve. Your qualifications and skill will determine your compensation, which can also grow fairly in time.

What are we looking for?

Are you a quick learner? Are you bright? Were you the “most likely to succeed” person at school? (this kind of people often were bad students, but that’s okay).

Our company is looking for extremely talented young people driven by creativity and proactivity. Creativity is not just for telling jokes on the fly and talking faster than most people. Put that raw talent to good use with use.

We will assign you various online brands and various administrative tasks where you’ll need excellent communication skills and perfect writing skills.


  • Exceptional writing and proofreading skills
  • A passionate writer and editor of written content
  • Superb communication skills (please, don’t be shy, speak up)
  • A persuasive and influential speaker with a sense of humor, charisma and storytelling capabilities
  • Creative thinking. Many people call it “thinking outside the box”
  • Working under pressure, multitasking and, also, prioritizing tasks
  • Proper time management
  • Organization skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Having a great personality. Being photogenic also helps

Helpful Optional requirements

  • Not necessarily being an expert, but at least being okay with major software (Adobe Creative Suite, iOFFICE, and Microsoft Office)
  • If you’re enthusiast about tech, that’s great for us. What do you like? Gadgets? Tech culture? Hardware? AI? Computers? Speak your passions to us
  • Previous experience with SEO or digital marketing
  • Excellent English accent (we don’t require you to be a native speaker)
  • Any kind of DIY or creative projects and talents is a major PLUS

What are your responsibilities?

Needless to say, you’ll have to give your 100 percent to the growth of the company. I mean, that’s what we should do to any enterprise -and any relationship- we enter.

But, more precisely, here are your responsibilities (only if we hire you, okay?):

  • Hiring and managing a team of professional
  • Write, edit, and publish creative content in different niches
  • Assisting with SEO and digital marketing
  • Assisting with the social media presence of the brand (Facebook, Instagram, and other digital marketing platforms)
  • Monitoring current trends
  • Coming up with creative ideas for different promotional content and materials
  • Providing administrative assistance
  • Coordinating executive communications (taking calls, responding to emails, interacting with clients)
  • Preparing financial statements, memos, reports, invoice letters, and other documents
  • Keeping track of abroad freelancers
  • Filing and retrieving corporate records, documents, and reports
  • Greeting visitors and deciding who gets to meet the executives
  • Planning events and appointments
  • Being the contact between the executives and external or internal colleagues
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